Visible Illumination Lighting

Visible Illumination Lighting
PSI are highly experienced in producing advanced, highly efficient and long lasting, reliable visible lighting for inspection and machine vision based applications.

Our visible lighting can be configured with a fixed frequency flash (via an internally generated clock) enabling high intensity visible flash photography while mitigating potential epilepsy issues, without the additional cost of external strobe controllers or light shielding. Alternatively, in applications where human interactivity is not a consideration visible lighting can be configured to act as a standard LED flash module.

Visible Illumination lighting Options

We configure our visible lighting to suit the application it is being used within, we have various hardware options as highlighted below:
Colour Space Analysis Lighting
Ideal for illuminating a surface for colour space analysis, our lighting can synchronise with camera and lighting technologies to implement into applications of varying complexity. Built to illuminate a fixed frequency flash, this light offers a safe and configurable visible lighting solution for many machine vision/learning applications.
Wide Angle Lighting
Our wide angle lighting, is designed to produce even illumination over a large surface area to produce a detailed image for 2D surface/subject analysis. Ideal for numerous high accuracy colour space applications, such as colour area analysis, surface measurement and surface defect detection.
Strip Lighting
Our strip lighting can be used to illuminate a specific analysis area, alongside our projection technology a visible line can be generated that is ideal for visible targeted analysis in colour space. The line can assist in accurate 3D analysis, height measurement, visible targeting or colour 3D surface defect analysis.

Standard Features

We offer a number of features with our lighting technology, all of our lights contain the below abilities to increase usability:

Communications and Signal Synchronisation

The 12pin connector facilitates power, RS485 communications and synchronization
signals, enabling the easy integration of PSI lighting solutions into systems of varying complexity.

Brightness and Lighting Intensity Control

Each lighting module has 12bit adjustable current setting capability allowing for 4096 different brightness settings. The current can be rapidly adjusted either using RS485 communications or a dedicated 2 pin clock and data to choose from 15 programmable pre-sets. This enables changes of lighting intensity on a frame by frame basis.

Temperature Monitoring and Control

Built in temperature monitoring and pulse width modulation (PWM) fan control, enables enhanced active cooling in demanding applications without the need for additional control and monitoring equipment.

Unique Device Identification and Configuration

Contains a unique device ID allowing each light to be identified. Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) enables
the saving of the module configurations.

Voltage Monitoring and Adjustment

PSI lighting modules have built-in monitoring and voltage adjustment, to keep the lighting as efficient as possible and while also being reactive to the effects of component aging.

Robust, long-life components

Designed to be used within a variety of environments, the lighting is robust and proven, operating 24/7 within heavy industrial environments. Light components have been selected for reliability, robustness and long life operation. 

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