We are the leading Supplier of biometric imaging hardware to UK airports. Our exceptionally reliable biometric hardware solutions verify approximately 500,000 individuals everyday using leading facial recognition technology.

Machine Vision 

We provide full, bespoke machine vision solutions for industrial process control and quality assurance applications, including over conveyor analysis. We design full systems specifically around your business needs.

Secure Biometric 

Our facial recognition, multi token based terminals have been implemented within construction environments, medical reception areas and bank back offices to give highly secure site access, checks and authorisation

NIR and Visible Long-life 
Lighting Solutions

We develop and provide fully eye safe, high power, highly efficient flash near infrared and visible LED lighting. These long-life and robust lights can be implemented into numerous environments within system applications of varying complexity. 

Bespoke Design

We provide full bespoke design services for monitoring industrial processes increasing operational efficiency and reliability. If you have a process you wish to monitor and are unsure how, we will develop a solution to meet your business needs.

Perception Sensors and Instrumentation Ltd

A leader in bespoke biometric hardware and machine vision solutions