Line Projection


Our eye safe line LED projection technology can project a focused line across a surface using either near infrared (NIR) or visible light. 3D measurements, such as height and surface defects, for example bulges and holes, can be analysed in both NIR and colour space.

Our line projector does not use lasers and is safe to the human eye, They are exempt from photobiological lamp classification and therefore reduce the additional costs of eye shielding that laser light would bring. This lighting is perfectly safe to use in an open working environment in applications where human operators are able to freely work within the same space.


The projector works with the latest camera technology to analyse surfaces of various material types, from hard surfaces to fleece and carpeted materials, the latter materials in particular are traditionally challenging to undertake line projection upon.

PSI lighting can be implemented into systems of various complexity. Multiple projector systems can be used and synchronised to work together to assess various targets from multiple positions and work independent of ambient lighting conditions such as low lighting conditions or direct sunlight.


Useable on a variety of applications, projectors can be implemented onto a range of conveyors from miniature belt to large roller that measure several metres across. Alternatively, the projector can be mounted on advanced technology, such as robotic arms and vehicles to scan stationary objects.

Standard Features

We offer a number of features with our lighting technology, all of our lights contain the below abilities to increase usability:

Communications and Signal Synchronisation

The 12pin connector facilitates power, RS485 communications and synchronization
signals, enabling the easy integration of PSI lighting solutions into systems of varying complexity.

Brightness and Lighting Intensity Control

Each lighting module has 12bit adjustable current setting capability allowing for 4096 different brightness settings. The current can be rapidly adjusted either using RS485 communications or a dedicated 2 pin clock and data to choose from 15 programmable pre-sets. This enables changes of lighting intensity on a frame by frame basis.

Temperature Monitoring and Control

Built in temperature monitoring and pulse width modulation (PWM) fan control, enables enhanced active cooling in demanding applications without the need for additional control and monitoring equipment.

Unique Device Identification and Configuration

Contains a unique device ID allowing each light to be identified. Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) enables
the saving of the module configurations.

Voltage Monitoring and Adjustment

PSI lighting modules have built-in monitoring and voltage adjustment, to keep the lighting as efficient as possible and while also being reactive to the effects of component aging.

Robust, long-life components

Designed to be used within a variety of environments, the lighting is robust and proven, operating 24/7 within heavy industrial environments. Light components have been selected for reliability, robustness and long life operation. 

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