Lighting Accessories

Our lighting technology can be offered with various accessories to suit the application and environment. We are highly experienced in producing synchronous lighting systems, making our lighting and camera technologies very adaptable and easy to implement and build upon.

All our lighting is built on a platform where they can be combined and synchronised with further lighting to provide further analysis regions or support image capture in complex and compact areas.

We can incorporate our lights with sensors to allow triggered supported lighting and can incorporate linking junction boards and boxes to produce a full lighting and camera solution for an applications framework.  

We also offer increased protection for our lights, especially for environments where they are worked hard or placed in harsh environments, which in turn prolongs the life of the light without having to provide on site facilities, such as filtered clean compressed cooling air.

Some of our accessories are highlighted in more detail below:

Light Trigger Sensors

Sensor technology can be implemented to wirelessly trigger supporting lighting from a main or master light. 

This can be extremely useful when analysing an expansive area, where distinct lighting gradients are required to detail and differentiate the analysis region. The trigger can also allow strategically placed grouped lighting within the same image exposure. 

Supporting Lighting

PSI can design and create lighting of various type (be it eye safe near infrared or visible) and of various sizing and illumination levels. For example supporting smaller sized lights  can be created to give maintenance lighting, where calibration may be required with a standard lower intensity illumination requirement. It may also be the case an additional lower intensity light is required to support and analysis regions lighting levels.
Synchronised and linked lighting junctions
PSI are experienced electronic engineers. We have created a number of junction boards and encased junction boxes that can link and synchronise multiple lights. This is essential when applying the lighting technology to multiple inspection or analysis systems, all our junctions have mounting points to allow them to be easily fitted to framework.
Cooling Options
Out lighting technology incorporates temperature monitoring and pulse width modulation (PWM) fan control, enabling enhanced active cooling in demanding applications without the need for additional control and monitoring equipment.

Therefore 24V DC cooling fans can be easily fitted to our lighting through DC jacking points. Finger guarding and hoods can also be optioned for the fans to offer increased protection if fans are exposed to an open environment.

Our lighting can also be adapted to take compressed air if required as an alternative to fan cooling.

Our fans are heavy duty with inbuilt blockage shut down protection, alongside the heatsink structure of our lights, our lighting is able to run very cool, resulting in long life usage. Our cooling options allow our lights to run in 40 to 50 degree ambient conditions with a least 5 years of operation.

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