Welcome to Perception Sensors and Instrumentation

Perception Sensors and Instrumentation (PSI) Ltd.  are specialists in the design and implementation of machine vision and biometric systems, utilizing bespoke imaging and illumination systems combined with advanced machine vision technologies.

PSI are a leading supplier of biometric systems, processing approximately 500,000 individuals everyday within the aviation, patient care and construction industries. PSI strive to provide cutting edge systems that combine advanced illumination and camera technologies along with edge based AI processing to facilitate secure biometric solutions where data privacy is crucial. 

The machine vison solutions provided by PSI and its partners utilize advanced machine learning techniques including neural networks, and combine traditional machine vision processes with customized hardware solutions to provide bespoke systems suited to a variety of challenging applications. This methodology allows for systems ranging from large single site closed systems to distributed IoT systems. 

As the influence of biometrics and machine vision expand more into everyday home and business life, PSI strives to bring cutting edge technology to new markets in a secure and accessible way. 

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