Integrated Inspection Camera (IIC)


Integrated Inspection Camera (IIC)

The integrated inspection camera combines high intensity pulsed illumination with motion blur free camera technology to form an integrated image capture system.  Available in white light or near infrared (NIR) configuration, it is a ready to go solution for inspection systems or long range facial recognition.   

The NIR configuration is ideal for inspection systems where stop motion images are required within the same area as operators are present.  As the NIR is invisible to the eye, high pulse intensities can be employed with no impact on human operators.  The intensity and short duration of the light pulses is such that in many applications unconstrained ambient light presents no problems to the imaging system. Due to the unobtrusive nature of the NIR and its intensity, excellent image capture can be achieved for facial recognition over several metres. 

The visible light variant provides a high level of white light for colour analysis where interference from ambient lighting is less problematic. 

The IIC is available with a wide range of focal length lenses, allowing the system to be optimised for specific applications.  

Easily Mountable, High Performance, Low Power

The IIC can be easily connected to VESA wall mounts up to 100mm x 100mm or mounted to an appropriate 1/4" x 20 UNC (standard camera mount) fixture or stand. The unit is light, weighing 1.3Kg and is constructed in durable dry powder coated metal finish. IIC is compact measuring 120mm x 232mm x 81mm (H x W x D) with its mounting bracket attached.

The system is low power, with the illumination being able to be powered from a 21.5V DC, 4A supply in and the Camera powered over a USB 2.0 to 3.0 host interface, giving possible full frame rates of over 30fps. The camera can be set to have a watchdog, that will cause the camera to renumerate automatically after a period of inactivity checking host ports are active and keeping the cameras active. The durable nature of the system gives 24/7 operation ability.

Optional RS485 connection is available for configuration, monitoring and sub system integration.

IIC can be optionally integrated with other products, such as our OCAS machine vision platform, biometric terminals or bespoke designed hardware to meet your business application needs for reliable, cost effective process monitoring solutions.
Integrated Inspection Camera Application Note

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