Dimensional Camera Module (DCM)

Dimensional Camera Module (DCM)

DCM is an overhead, machine vision smart camera hardware solution, consisting of the latest precision imaging technology and PSI's latest eye safe illumination technology.

Designed to work in conjunction with machine learning software to measure and inspect products travelling on a conveyor, DCM incorporates its own processing technology, resulting in a standalone inspection unit. 

DCM can link with additional units to process multiple lanes and is designed as a mountable compact box that can be easily mounted over production lines with limited space.


DCM incorporates a number of lighting and camera hardware technologies to offer various inspection features
High Accuracy Dimensional Analysis
DCM has a line projector system using narrow angle near infrared (NIR) illumination to aid software to give high accuracy width and height dimensions. The line also assists in detecting material bowing, bulges and cavities.
Eye Safe Inspection
A diffused NIR downlight gives even surface illumination in ambient conditions. Our NIR lighting is eye-safe, avoiding the need for additional shielding. Our system does not use lasers.
Visual Inspection
DCM illuminates the inspection area in NIR to gain accurate dimensional, positional and surface information independent of ambient light conditions. An optional visible illuminator can be fitted to highlight potential surface defects over an inspection area in colour space.

Proven, reliable technology

PSI’s lighting technology is proven within heavy duty industrial environments with long lifetime (minimum of 5 years) and high efficiency. Our lighting uses the latest heat sink technology and can be specified with fan cooling ability for high temperature environments.

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