BT420 provides a facial biometric solution to time and attendance and access control. A variant of our biometric terminal range, this unit is specifically designed for harsh environments to withstand heavy duty, intensive use within the construction industry.

BT420 can be a standalone unit or built within another structure, such as gate, stand or turnstile. It is a compact device, which can be easily customised to suit business implementation. It utilises the latest fanless processing technology, running silently and efficiently.

BT420 uses PSI’s latest facial recognition hardware, which has been implemented and approved throughout numerous industries from biometric UK airport security, bank back office/secure site access, medical patient identification and time and attendance in some of the largest construction organisations within the United Kingdom.


BT420 consists of several features to aid secure access control and time and attendance. These features include:
Facial Recognition
Accurate and reliable facial recognition access control. The biometric terminal utilises near infra-red (NIR) lighting hardware technology to accurately recognise facial features. The hardware can produce an image set within a fraction of a second that can detect a very detailed 3D face, considering any shadowing or shading, lighting levels and spectral reflection (meaning the system is tolerant of persons wearing glasses). This means noticeably clear and highly detailed images can be captured independent of ambient light conditions, such as low light or direct sunlight.
Detailed Imaging, independent of ambient light
The camera illumination technology can account for the environment to give a detailed image of the subject. Our lighting technology can adjust to give accurate image exposure levels. All these features are processed very quickly due to the compact but powerful processing ability of the terminal. Illumination technology has been designed to be fully eye safe for a subject from any distance.
Multi-Factor Authorisation
BT420 has a minimum of two-factor authorisation. Alongside facial recognition, a touch screen input pin code can be incorporated and/or an optional card reader can bring the ability to include a RFID access card token that the reader can detect once registered. The camera can read QR or barcodes (software dependent). Therefore there are multiple token options that can be presented to the system, which are assigned to a user triggering user verification, This allows for very high number user access, as the user database is token indexed, resulting in a high security mode that allows tens of thousands of individuals to be accurately and quickly verified.
High performance, latest technology
BT420 utilises the latest interfacing, processing and camera technology. The unit is a fully windows 11 compliant device, with a dedicated TPM 2.0 module. BT420 use the very latest fanless Intel processing technology with both i3 and i5 processing options, it also incorporates a 10.1” high resolution touchscreen to give the terminal an embedded operator user interface that can be employed by a user wearing gloves.
The biometric terminal is designed to be power efficient, 20W in operation. It employs a low voltage input to power the system. The unit is designed to be automotive voltage supply compliant, running off a 12V DC supply, making the terminal advantageous for mobile applications and for powering the terminal in remote areas without mains power. BT420 emits little heat and is a fanless, solid state unit. The terminal is silent.
BT420's size and interface makes for easy integration into a kiosk, turnstile, wall or similar structures. It includes RS485/RS232 communication ports that can communicate directly to an external device such as an encrypted lock or actuator. This enables a biometric and multi verification secure access solution to the barrier control, ideal for authorised personnel only environments.

A Long Lasting, Reliable Solution

BT420 is built and designed to be a long-life product with easily maintainable components and service access. PSI have supplied exceptionally reliable facial recognition imaging hardware to industry for the last 10 years, within highly secure environments. Our biometric solutions verify over 500,000 individuals every day, which equates to over 5 people per second every day.


Please feel free to download our BT420 factsheet and technical drawings
BT420 Factsheet
Our detailed preliminary factsheet for the BT420
BT420 Technical Drawings
Technical drawings of the terminal with mounting instructions

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