Camera Technology

PSI Camera Technology

Our machine vision products use the latest generation of PSI cameras that operate in dynamic range and are free of motion blur. They transmit uncompressed image data over a USB-3 link to introduce no compression artefacts.  This results in the ideal data for machine vision processing.  

Each camera is able to store complex lens correction data specific to that camera and lens combination.  The resulting solution provides remarkable lens distortion correction even with modestly priced fisheye lenses. Further geometric, tilt and perspective correction can be stored by the camera, giving a corrected image no matter how often it is plugged into a host, due to the correction date being stored on the device itself. 
Additional functions incorporated within the camera include programmable watchdogs such that should communication stop between the camera and host, the camera will perform a full restart, recovering the system without user intervention.  In remote applications this can often provide critical enhancements in system reliability.  

For multi camera applications, the camera can be given names held in non volatile memory. This allows identification of each camera at enumeration providing much higher levels of flexibility on a complex multi-camera installation. In the unlikely event that firmware updates are required, these updates can be pushed to the macers entirely remotely.  All specific camera data is retained such that no data loss or loss of configuration occurs during firmware updates. 
All of the PSI camera interface simply and easily to the range of illumination options providing excellent machine vision solutions.  

Original Image

Using a wide angle fisheye lens, curvature and perspective distortion can be seen

Lens Corrected Image

Same hardware using PSI lens correction stored to the camera memory

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