BT520 - Contactless Biometric Terminal 

Our Biometric Terminals are designed to provide very secure contactless solutions to time and attendence and access control. The teminals are designed to be used in varying environments from construction sites to secure offices.
Our latest model, BT520, offers a touchless biometric system with multi token verification and increases communication ability, using the very latest hardware technology. 

BT520 is optised for facial recognition and uses our very latest hardware solution that can produce detailed image sets within fractions of a second to give a very detailed 3D face, taking into account any environmental factors from shadowing or shading, lighting levels spectral reflection (ensuring wearing transparent glasses is no concern for the verification) and colour toning. Noticeably clear and highly detailed images can be captured independent of ambient light conditions, such as low light or direct sunlight. 

Combined with the BT520's NFC reader, ability to read QR codes and 7" high resolution capacitive touchscreen display, multi factor verification can be easily achieved. 

Built for Industry and Offices

The BT520 is a fully sealed unit, with a shatterproof front and metal surround. It is a compact terminal measuring 160mm x 220mm (H x W). and is easily wall mountable, due to having a 75mm x 75mm VESA location at the rear. It can also be integrated into walls, turnstyles, kiosks or similar stuctures. 

The unit can be fully wiped down due to its sealed construction and can be fitted with an optional harsh environment shield, providing additional protection against heavy contamination that may be present on construction sites. Another benefit of this shroud is that additional privacy is gained for the user. 

BT520 has wifi, bluetooth and can be specified with many more interface options if required, including USB-C, gigabit ethernet and RS485 (giving the ability to communicate directly, through a hardware volt free contact, to an external device such as an encripted lock or actuator). The unit has been built with security and protection in mind and encrypts its data while also including digital and physical tamper detection to make it extremely secure. 

The latest processing power is used to utilise the camera technology and interfaces, making the biometric features very quick and efficient, yet it is extremely power efficient also, using features such as a sleep mode with subject detection, where the terminal can wake from a sleep mode very quickly upon a subject appoaching it and be ready to process when the subject interacts, thus saving overall operational power. 

The BT520 has such low power consumption that it can run from a 12V supply and can even be employed as a battery supply application if required to do so, running several weeks between charges; ideal for temporary or power limited start-up construction sites.  

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